ICPL's family of restaurant brands is built on key customer insights. The Indian dining experience where food is synonymous with entertainment is our chief inspiration. The culinary and experiential diversity of these restaurant brands reflect the rich diversity of those who visit our restaurants.

At each of our restaurant brands, the experience differs. All the details are linked to the brand experience- the menu, ambience, team culture and even the marketing. We believe that focusing on enhancing our guest experience will help create brands that have the greatest impact on our customers.

  • Khazana
  • The Yellow Chilli
  • Pin yin Café
  • Signature
  • Sura Vie

Khazana: An upscale restaurant that serves chef-inspired Indian dishes, redefined.

  • Our goal at Khazana is to enhance the dining experience of families and young professionals and showcase the Indian dining experience to tourists and expats with a luxurious ambience, private dining rooms, and interactive tables.
  • The cuisine will be chef-inspired, redefined, Indian dishes, in the smart casual dining segment.
  • The focus of this brand will be on enhanced hospitality and operational efficiency.

The Yellow Chilli: A casual restaurant that serves popular Indian food with a twist.

  • Our goal at The Yellow Chilli is to provide a high-quality, family dining experience at affordable prices.
  • The focus of this brand will be on operational efficiency- Quick, clean and efficient.
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The Pin Yin Café: A casual oriental restaurant with an all day dining/ cafe format that serves popular Asian cuisine.

  • Our goal at Pin Yin Café is to provide substantial, high quality, competitively priced, meals in the mid-casual dining segment.
  • The cuisine will be popular Oriental, with menu options that include familiar Asian dishes such as Thai Green Curry etc.
  • The focus of this brand will be on day part expansion and operational efficiency- Quick, Clean and efficient.

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor: A super fine dining restaurant that serves Chef. Sanjeev Kapoor's authentic Indian and signature dishes.

  • At the signature chain of restaurants, food is the focus. By a combination of authentic process use and ingredient selection we aspire to position 'Signature' as the last word on Indian cuisine.
  • Our goal is to enhance our customer's culinary experience by maintaining an air of authenticity and elegance.
  • The cuisine will serve authentic Indian and Chef. Sanjeev Kapoor's signature dishes in the fine dining segment.

Sura Vie Lounge: A live music lounge that showcases contemporary Indian music and a handcrafted international comfort food menu.

  • Our goal at Sura Vie is to be purveyors of a definitive eclectic experience with a focus on live contemporary Indian music.
  • The Sura Vie lounge will be launched in key metros. The cuisine will include international comfort food specially crafted from the chef's table. The ambience and events will reflect contemporary Indian music.